Friday, February 26, 2016

Masters of Deception

If I had a dollar for every time Roy Masters has made one of his wild predictions of Armageddon I would be a millionaire.He has a worst prediction rate than Madame Rosa at the end of Brighton Pier.But still he persists and his followers blindly lap it up.

When he is not telling his audience of saps that the end is nigh he is laying claim to scientific knowledge of the origins of the universe,writing treatises of unreadable incoherent turgidity that the few scientists who have struggled through it have politely commented have no resemblance to scientific inquiry whatsoever but are merely the outpourings of Masters feverish imagination.This is hardly surprising coming from a man who claims objectivity is holding a belief in supernatural entities from another dimension outside the parameters of the human senses, in other words subjectivist mysticism ungrounded in reality.

This fluidity of the meaning of words is a characteristic of Roy Masters followers who taking their cue from their Master bandy words like reason and objectivity about when trying to justify their off the wall mysticism and it is this willful co option of the language of science  that is the most delinquent aspect of the Masters cult that seeks to legitimise its nonsense with the language of  logic and reason.

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