Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cult of Personality

Cult show host Roy Masters used to boast I've been on the air for 40 years and no one has ever challenged me.I used to be well impressed not to say in awe of  that but then  on the very rare ocasions that someone would actually have the temerity to call in and take him up on the challenge and  question his omniscience he would harrangue them,talk over them,intimidate,abuse them  and then cut them off! Afterwards he would apoligise and seek to rationalize his behaviour by saying that the person in question was not sincere  in their questioning and had nothing to say.Of course the standard  cult syndrome would kick in and I would think yes that person must have been in the wrong for such is the power of the Master to hoodwink his followers.

Another standard cult practice is to convince your followers that they are special, part of an elite elect who can see through the fraudulent system and the shallowness of others and that what they used to think was their social ineptness and awkwardness was really a sign that they were special,a chosen few,superior to the masses. Imagine all the misfits and geeks and inadequate psychotics who would jump for joy at the news that they are not really losers and dorks after all! In the words of Frank Cain 'I always used to wonder what would motivate Jehovas Witnesses and Mormons to go to door to door touting for Christ and then it struck me.Here was an opportunity for social inadequates and insignificant little nobodies to represent the one who organized the cosmos'.

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