Friday, March 04, 2016

Be Still and Know Nothing

As human beings we see,perceive and conceptualize our perceptions into broad abstractions and invent computers,build skyscrapers,create civilization and culture.According to Roy Masters this is all wrong.Instead we should see and know instantly,without thought or words for thought and words take time to construct and this is bad because we should just know in a timeless state instantly and this 'wordless' knowing is vastly superior to the pathetic word based understanding of fallen humans.

Be still and obey.This is 'mystery' and  it is good because it is mystery and we should not question it for to do so is to 'play God'.Thus the state of a mental retard is lauded to the ideal and the human mind is dismissed as a tool of sinful Adam.Thus is the connection between mysticism and mental illness clearly delineated.Strictly for the birds and the fhuiac birdbrains who swallow it indeed, unthinkingly.

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