Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Religion and its intolerant adherents

Interesting how nasty religious people can get when you tell them you no longer subscribe to their wacky belief system. Islam will kill apostasasies but Christians are far more subtle and merely insinuate threatening warnings about the 'terrible price to pay' for abandoning your faith.Project fear indeed.How do they know what is going to befall the unbeleivers?What special powers do they have to know the mind of God?Surely this is great arrogance on their part to say the least.And how egotistical to think one is so special that God has special plan with you in mind!

Most such religious people if my experience is anything to go by live lives of dubious integrity and have used their religion to justify every moral infraction in their sorry mediocre lives so it is very its hard to imagine that even God is going to smile indulgently upon them when they go to their reward. God of course is a fiction but if he did exist he would give these spouters of pious cant a  good tongue lashing at the very least before sending them to the other place.

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