Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thou shalt not shop -unless the council says so

So you thought only the US had its religious right? With the cynical help of SNP  Labour and the unhinged tory religious backwoodsmen the governement's attempts to loosen the sunday trading laws have been defeated. Even the supporters of the modest bill were arguing it for the wrong altruistic reason claiming it was to enable consumers to shop at their convenience and no mention was made whatsoever about the rights of the shop owners to run their business and open and close at their choosing.It was taken as a given that the shop owners are effectively in the employ of the local councils who will determine when they trade as if the shops had all been nationalised which in effect with all the tax and regulations they have been of course.

So the church is still ruling the country after we had supposed it was long since unseated. Only distestablishment will rid us of this priestcraft and proxy clerical dictatorship.

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