Sunday, March 06, 2016

Master's Bully Pulpit

Cultist Roy Masters was one of the most abrasive aggressive talk show host on air hurling abusive rhetoric with abandon but like most bullies when treated similarly suddenly would play the victim claiming there was a conspiracy against him.

Like his idol fellow aggressive Trump he seeks to silence people with threatening lawsuits and he has lost not a few so spurious insubstantial and frivolous were they.He has got away with tax deductible charitable status for decades claiming absurdly that the FHU is a church although he has repeatedly boasted that it is not and that 'you cannot join'.Fortunately the authorities rumbled his deception and withdrew charitable status 15 years ago noticing that it was a for profit organization funneling large sums to fund a radio network broadcasting right wing views which again is expressly forbidden charities.

Such is the chicanery and double dealing of what Frank Cain referred to as the curly headed swine and guru of the unattainable.But then who in his right mind would want to atttain  anything he is peddling?

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