Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Self Praise is no Recommendation

The late Frank Cain, Roy Master's one time UK factotum once said "why do people think that Roy Masters is so great? Because Roy Masters tells them so every day on the radio whereas I tell people all my faults and the despise me".Indeed Master's career on the radio could be summed up as one long advertisment for himself.The guru cannot be seen to be that wrong.

Of course I used to lap it all up as a credulous youth and beleived him when he said one day he would become world famous but as the years crept by I kept on wondering why it was taking so long and that day of course never came, and we we are here today and he has remained in well deserved virtual anonymity as he descends  into an alzheimic twilight world of rambling incoherence.At least he has been proven right about one thing.It is very easy to hypnotise and fool people

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