Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Biblical and extra biblical crap

Love of the world is emnity with God. So the bible preaches misanthropy among its other evil preachments. But sometimes religious frauds like Roy Masters find that the bible is not quite prohibitive enough and a little further invention is required to restrict human pleasure. Music is frowned on by Masters but it is hard to point to any biblical scripture to validate his anti music stance but no matter he merely quotes the old saying music soothes the savage beast but he adds, it makes the beast more savage. This reminds me of the comic sketch in Blackadder when the puritans visit and Blackadder offers them a meal including turnips.'Turnips? exclaim the puritans,turnips are of the devil! He then offers them a seat on a chair and they say 'chairs? chairs are of the devil! Thus the arbitrary capricious nature of religious tyranny is highlighted with satirical effect.Who in their right mind would not prefer to listen to music than the droning of his Masters voice urging  on his sad followers to further and further mortifications of the flesh and denial of human pleasures?


Linda Method said...

Forbidding pleasure is a powerful means of indoctrinating and controlling people, that's why I always tell recovering Roy-caholics to do the opposite of what Masters says: namely, seek pleasure, enjoy culture, and don't deprive yourself of occasional indulgence. There's no hard and fast precedent in the bible for self-deprivation as a means of serving God, other than what is put forth in the Law of Moses, which is clearly a set of rules and regs that even Jesus didn't consider necessary any longer. Just treat your fellow man as you would be treated and love your neighbor as yourself. Simple!

Roy is actually perverted...because he makes even the matrimonial bed a wicked thing to be avoided (the bible says the exact OPPOSITE: 'the marriage bed is undefiled'). Recently a young lady engaged to be married called Advice Line, program K8606, and asked Masters what he means by 'healthy sex.' He proceeds to tell her that only an evil man will want to touch her... even after they're married! He recommended that a newly wedded wife should rebuff her husband's wicked advances; the implication is that if she relents and has sex with him, she's giving in to temptation and becoming corrupted. His only advice to her was: "don't let him touch you." At the end of the conversation he seemed to forget entirely that she told him she was getting married, and he said something to the effect of...'don't worry you'll find a good man some day.' I think dementia is setting in on the old coot.

niconoclast said...

Good we have the internet to expose this old fraud. Had it been around 40 years ago he would never have been able to get away with it lol and you are a brilliant exposer of this charlatan