Saturday, March 12, 2016

Roy Masters The ugly truth

Some say Roy Masters is a hate filled misogynist who contradicts the biblical message but is this so? He says the first man listened to his wife,ate the apple and the whole human race fell and inherited original sin which was to disobey God and seek knowledge. That is the very essence of the biblical  message. As a result of this fall man became prideful,egotistical, starting leaning on his own understanding. Sounds familiar? It should do because it is practically word for word what Roy Masters has been saying for over 50 years. The unpalatable truth for some who are of the God persuasion is that Roy Masters has faithfully interpreted scriptural teaching and to reject and lambaste him is to reject the bible itself.

Not only is Roy Masters evil but the whole message of the bible is evil too, it is the most wicked document ever written. Masters simply makes plain and spells out explicitly what religion usually keeps hidden. When did you last hear any priest from the pulpit talking about the treacherous nature of women? It has taken Roy Masters as despicable human being as he undoubtedly is to remind us of a long concealed truth namely that the bible is evil and religion is the number one cause of human misery through history. It has attempted to whitewash its true nature but Masters has ripped its carefully constructed mask off. For this at least we should be grateful to him.

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