Friday, March 11, 2016

Money for Rope

Cultist Roy Masters used to excoriate the Plain Truth magazine for the way it suckered its readers into supporting its organization but Masters was quite happy to go on air panhandling on a daily basis for the Fhu and Frank Cain tells the story of how funds were getting desperately low and Masters resorted to extra manipulative guilt mongering in order to get more donations and in a week's time the coffers were overflowing and he said to Frank, 'see,that's how you do it'.

Of course most radio programmes rely on advertising but no business in its right mind would sponsor Master's drivel so he had to fund it himself through daily begging and his programmes along with his turgidly unreadable books were effectively vanity publishings and broadcastings. Still he would have been more honourably employed as a rat catcher and would have done far less harm than he has in his 50 career of evil.

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