Saturday, March 12, 2016

Culture kampf

With cultist Roy Masters the general rule of thumb is, whatever he says the opposite is true. How about this little gem from way back: 'culture rises when civilization falls'. This hatred of culture has a familiar ring does it not? How about Josef Goebelles on the subject: 'when I hear the word culture I reach for my revolver'. A bit later came Mao and his cultural revolution which consisted in killing all the intelletuals and driving the rest from the cities and on to the land where they died by the tens of thousands and of course the same thing happened in the killing fields of Cambodia. In China anyone wearing glasses was suspicious as it denoted intellectualism and book reading.

Of course this hatred of learning and culture goes back a long way. The original sin as described in the bible is man having the temerity to seek knowledge. 'The letter killeth,the spirit giveth life'. Further proof of the anti man anti life philosophy at the root of religion and mysticism.

The difference with Masters is he comes out and says it,making explicit what is usually kept implicit. He has actually attacks culture by open conflating it with cannibalism  seeking to package deal it with democracy and high culture. This is beyond philistinism and is wanton and willful attempt to destroy one of the pillars of our hard won civilization.

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