Tuesday, March 01, 2016

America, the new Fascist Frontier

What do all demagogues do when in power? They close down the free press. True to form Trump has promised to go after the media with new stringent libel slander laws as obtain in europe.The truth is coming out about this seedy shady character with his mafia connections,his statist protectionist anti free speech anti American fascist racist xenophobic misogynistic views and he wants to shoot the messenger.

His business dealings do not bear close scrutiny,he is a Washington insider so far up the backsides of government bureaucrats in statist cronyism that he thinks he can behave in similar corrupt fashion on the world stage,cutting deals with terrorists in Iran and no one is calling him out on any of this because all the contenders are statists too of one stripe or another.No one is offering a programme of laissez faire unregulated free market capitalism and the American people are being offered the hobsons choice of Tweedledee or Tweedledummer.

Trump is the antithesis of a self made man.He inherited his father's wealth and then proceeded to blow it on doomed business ventures that are well documented.He is an excrescence of the mixed economy cronyism and advocate of protectionist measures which is the very definition of anti capitalism.Never has anyone flown under false colours so comprehensively as this fraud huckster and mountebank.

He claims he will be tough on Isis yet will do deals with their spiritual masters in Iran and when the cartoonist were murdered by the Islamic fascists he condemned the cartoonists.He has expressed respect for another fascist demagogue by the name of Putin for heavens sake and as if that were not enough already he is sucking up to the mad evangelical religious right wingnuts. Americans,you are sleepwalking into slavery.Wake up!

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