Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More nonsense from on high

Don't judge. That is what the bible enjoins. Don't be judgmental. Why not? We make moral judgments about people all the time and quite right too. Hitler was an evil psychopath and right thinking people will agree and pass moral judgment on him. Indeed, not to judge his like would itself be immoral and wrong. The only people who benefit from our suspended judgment on them are wicked evil people. The good have nothing to fear from judgment. So judge and be prepared to be judged and be very suspicious of the motives of those who wish to discourage the  expression of moral judgments.

Once again Roy Masters is wrong about this and he takes his cue from the bible a document almost designed to destroy anyone who is foolish enough to attempt to follow its bizarre morally inverted injunctions. He says to discern what is wrong is okay but passing moral judgment upon it is wrong because only God can judge. So man is left in a morals free ethics free universe and evil waxes strong. Way to go.

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