Thursday, March 10, 2016

Intuition The destruction of the human consciousness

One of cult leader Roy Master's much bandied words is intuition. What does he mean by it? Well contrary to what all know man does not really get his knowledge from observing the world and applying his reason and logic to problems,but,according to Masters from going within. We just know. An indwelling spirit guides us if we open up to it,meditate with his guidance and be in filled.Poppycock of course but it has some appeal to the lazy minded,those for whom thinking is just too much of a chore and who would rather turn within, switch off their brain and wait for divine instruction. Thus is subjectivist delusion substituted for the excercise of reason.Who gains from this act of self lobotomy other than the Master himself who now has a legion of brain dead subjects he can programme and brainwash with his mystical mush.  

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