Saturday, June 13, 2015

Negotiation for dummies

Why does a dinky insignificant basket case loony tunes country like Greece wield so much power over the combined bureaucratic political force of the EU empire? Simples.It knows the EU wants it to remain within it as the whole  project itself would be put in jeopardy if one of the national dominoes fell.

Greece can therfor play games of brinkmanship,stalling,prevarication,deceit,chicanery,bluster grandstanding,lying,propagandising,threatening, and abusing the EU operatives, knowing full well it has the advantage and leverage and eventually,if it holds out long enough, it will get the desired outcome: a massive dollop of EU fudge and an agreement to its terms which will allow it to continue its corrupt insane socialist policies at the expense of EU taxpayers.

For the same reason Cameron having already signaled his ultimate intention is to remain within the EU,his negotiating powers are of nought.Hence the contempt he is held in by the EU negotiators and bureaucrats who have already told him his proposed reforms are not going to be accepted.

So an elaborate pretense is being played out to convince the British public that Mr Cameron is going to Brussels to talk tough,all done in response to the rise of Ukip not because Cameron has suddenly seen the light re the EU.Like Mr Chamberlain before him he will go seeking peace in our time and come back with a worthless piece of paper.Then the hoodwinking will begin as he seeks to convince the British people that something momentous has been achieved and that  they  should vote to stay within the EU.

This is an elementary negotiation principle schoolkids practice in the playground: if you've got something you know your prospective buyer really really wants because he is dumb and has signalled as much to you in advance by his undisguised desire for it you can name your price.Pity our so called leaders have forgotten it.

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