Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Real Lib Lab con

The Kennedy Assination raised the issue of his political philosophy and great play was made of his early rejection of socialism - apparently Gordon Brown attempted to persuade him to join Labour in the early 80's but according to the BBC journalist discussing the matter he refused because he was not a 'Big Government man'.Er excuse me?

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions the Liberals were the handmaidens  of the welfare state which was practically lifted from the Communist Manifesto.Talk about flying under false colours.The Liberals have been doing this for a century or more.It is a good cop bad cop routine.Vote for us Liberals or you will end up with Labour - but they are one and the same.The only reason they did not make this official and join a coalition with Labour was because the electoral numbers did not stack up.Ideologically there is not a cigarette paper between the two.

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