Saturday, June 20, 2015

Greece goes in search of another sugar daddy

We all know how the Greek farce is going to end with the EU throwing it tons of money to keep the EU charade playing for a few more years till Greece reaches another crisis point and the same psychodrama is re-enacted.

Now it has another ace up its sleeve if the threat of defaulting and bringing the EU house of cards tumbling down does not work.Greece is going to suck up to Russia.With cold war rhetoric at fever pitch,NATO bristling on Russia's borders,the latter's planes nudging UK airspace the last thing the EU will countenance is Greece going over to Russia, the ultimate geopolitical nightmare.

So the wily Greeks will have their EU cake and eat it too -and then ask for more.We should be grateful to them however as they may well be responsible for bringing about the EU's demise as it eventually collapses upon its own internal and irreconcilable contradictions.Lets drink some ouzo to that delightful prospect.

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