Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Islam may triumph

The reason Islam poses such a threat globally is because as I have said there is no fundamental philosophical opposition to it.Intellectually disarmed liberalism can only offer concession after concession,endless acts of retreat,apology, masochistic self doubt,excuses for not confronting it,self abasement before Islamic tyranny and threats and ultimate moral intellectual capitulation to it.

The roots of this craven appeasement go back to religion itself,ie Christianity.Never having fully shaken off the altruist self sacrifice ethos of Christianity its remnants in liberal philosophy totally disarms any moral philosophical opposition to Islam.In the words of current jargon the liberal west has no counter narrative to the moral absolutism of Islam and its totalitarian message.

Unless the christian heritage of altruism is rejected and we declare our unequivocal  commitment to reality and life on this earth and the pursuit of happiness without sacrificing to others or being sacrificed to them we will ultimately succumb to Islam's murderous deathly embrace.

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