Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beyond belief

A new environmentalist encyclical is to be issue by the pope.His followers already have the capacity to believe six impossible things before breakfast and having swallowed the ginormous camel of faith believing in the unscientific theory of environmentalism and man made global warning will be the mere swallowing of a very small gnat.

To mix metaphors the pope may be unwittingly walking in to a hornet's nest.He is in danger of making it official that environmentalism is as some of us have for a very long time suspected not a science but a religion with its articles of faith, dogma, total disregard of the facts,distorting of evidence, pious utterances, apocalyptic warnings and last but not least the  persecution ridiculing and silencing  of detractors and unbelievers.Methinks it is a perfect fit.

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