Friday, June 05, 2015

The Employer strikes back

It  is generally considered fair that employees can join unions but the rights of employer's tend to be ignored.The CBI is supposed to represent their interests but it seems to be a toothless body whose pronouncements are characterised by a temporising timorous pusillanimity and a servile truckling support of statism, happy to accept any piffling nugatory morsels of deregulation the gov may throw its way.

What is sauce for the employee goose must be  sauce for employer goose as well and to that end an organization needs to be formed that will truly stand up and represent business interests and just as unions claim the right to strike so too must employers assert this universal principle of withholding service to protect their rights that have been sorely violated over generations.

What would such action involve?The right to strike would manifest as a witholding of taxes such as national insurance contributions,capital gains and corporation tax,business rates,Vat returns and an across the board non compliance with all gov directed regulations including those of supra national bodies such as the EU.

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