Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Religion and its malcontents

Mr religious snake oil salesman said before God man is female.He should defer to the superior being like a woman presumably should defer to her man in a spiritual hierachy of authority that begins with God,then man,then woman and then their children.

The infantilisation that religion engenders here is clear.Man has no autonomy,his own judgement and desires in life are of naught.He exists in servility to his creator and he can no more question this servility than a pot can question the pot maker who has crafted him.

The psychopathology of religion is thus laid bare: mindless obedience,passivity and craven obesiance. But there is more.

Mr religious snake oil salesman favours a theocracy,rule by religious dictat,but do not fear because he  advocates,(roll of drums): a 'benign dictatorship'.I shall pause gentle reader whilst you grapple with that oxymoron.One can no more be a little bit enslaved than one can be a little bit pregnant.One is either one thing or the other.A is A as they say.Either you live under a dictatorship and have no freedom  or you are a free, autonomous agent.What if you are given instructions and resist?What does the benign dictator do? Blank out.

Mr snakeoil salesman is very calm about all this.His modulated tones denote reasonableness but in essence it is  a fire and brimstone fist in a velvet glove.He is not frothing at the mouth but then neither is Mr Cool President Obama.But he is a sociopath nevertheless.Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace as Dylan once intoned.Not that we beleive in Satan of course but the point is well made.

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Jim said...

Mr religious snake oil salesman

Aka Roy Masters.

In the bubble of literal Roman-Judeo Macho-Christianity, Roy catches the vulnerable, much like many Churches, and like you, they get to eventually escape from this Male God Cult.

Roy, I suggest, in this multiverse generation, is the last stand for a Christianity that has saved souls, cast out demons and tried every musical trick and sermon to get you paying at the pews.

A 1960s cult classic. The Transcendental Movement. When it's gone, it's gone.