Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to destroy Islam part two

The myth and theory of moderate Islam has been well exploded.It is something the apologists for Islam always produce after every atrocity committed by muslims.There are no more moderate muslims than there are moderate Nazis.It goes with the territory.

As Islam poses a clear existential threat to the world and civilization only radical steps to destroy it will do.What is the spiritual home of Islam but Mecca and Medina.These should be taken out militarily and destroyed,raized to the ground.Mosques should be identified as a threat to western values and dismantled.Islam has to be driven from the West and eradicated like Nazizm was.The only cure for cancer is radical surgery.The terrorists have to be terrorized.

If Islam will not reform itself and it shows no sign of doing so it will have to be done by external forces.It is not the 15th century.Modern technology has enabled the muslim hordes and barbarians to gain access to sophisticated arms and it poses a genuine threat to human survival.The time to act is now especially with Iran on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons.

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