Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to defeat Islam

The West is prostrate and helpless in the face of Islam and cannot defeat it on the battlefield with weapons  because the real battle is intellectual and it has no defense against the moral absolutism and  totalitarian construct at Islam's core.Liberalism has for generations promulgated moral relativism and in more recent times the toxic anti ideology of pragmatism,the idea that objective reality is an illusion,coupled with multiculturalism -no culture is superior to any other and political correctness which is a latter day inquisition against free thought and expression if it falls outside the narrow parameters of liberal orthodoxy.

Thus disarmed and paralysed when confronted with the in plain sight evil of Islam liberal west is impotent and has nothing to say to counter its nihilist narrative because it has itself embraced nihilism,a belief that no values are possible or worth defending as superior to any other and is thus reduced to bleating bromides about democracy which is after all the description of a process of voting and not an ideology itself -Hitler was voted democratically and that was no protection against Nazim.

It is hardly surprising that in  this intellectual vacuum emanating from the intellectuals and universities students muslim and otherwise take solace and succor in the ultimate anti reason,anti mind ideology of Islam.They have been offered no alternative and have been taught that the mind is impotent,reason a mere Westerncentric cultural construct, a conceit  and illusion.The liberal anti ideology agenda has set the West up for its own destruction and this betrayal of the intellectuals is as near as treason as it gets.

Until this self defeating liberalist agenda is roundly rejected and a strong pro reason pro liberty philosophy replaces it no amount of drones will defeat Islam as its extreme nihilism will triumph and the West will decline and fall.The writing is on the wall.

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