Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baroness Warsi wicked evil bitch

The woman from hell is at it again,the apologist of evil,the self elected spokeswoman for British muslims 'Baroness' Warsi thinks her party which for some bizarre reason I have never been able to fathom she is a member of, is guilty of 'demonising the muslim community'.Mr Cameron does not have to do that as the 'muslim community' is perfectly capable of doing that job all by itself

This vile woman with her ridiculous Birmingham accent is congenitally incapable of uttering a sensible comment.and the party should rid itself of her once and for all.It is telling that she chose to write her muslim apologist drivel in the Guardian newspaper.

As I pointed out a few days before Cameron's excellent speech there are no moderate muslims,it is a big fat lie.The mosques are the intellectual breeding ground and clearing house for all the toxic barbarism of these primitive nihilistic bestial islamic subhumans across the globe,they offer their tacit imprimatur to the heinous acts committed worldwide and without the mosques they would have no intellectual ammunition to stage their international jihad against civilization.

Think it is time to ship out and deport the likes of Warsi and her evil demonic islamic cohorts and thus send a clear message to the 'muslim community' that we as a nation will no longer brook excuse making self exculpating rhetoric from muslim apologist attempting to defend the indefensible that is Islam in all its vile manifestations.

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