Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cameron's EU Fudge Productions

Mr Slippery did not wait long to start his old tricks re the EU referendum,seeking so silence his critics within the party by whipping them,then resiling from it when confronted.And now we hear that governmental bodies,civil service and the EU itself will be free to unleash a tsunami of tax funded pro EU propaganda just as it did in'75 to rig the vote in favour of UK remaining within the EU.

There is hardly a devious ploy and stratagem that has not been exposed by diligent MPs so it is unlikely that the dirty tricks will  succeed this time round but it is an indication of how treacherous and deceitful the Yes advocates are in seeking to achieve their desired objective.They must be watched every second of this campaign.

And on that matter of the Yes camp the question itself has been skewed as  some MPs pointed out by the staus quo advocates who have the positive Yes to campaign on.And who is going to ensure the BBC does not use its licence to propagandize for and part orchestrate the Yes result it so devoutly and rabidly favours?

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