Monday, June 22, 2015

Mo the paedophile

Do all the muslims who go in their mosques and point their raddled arses to the sky in grotesque worship of Mohamud know that he was a paedophile who wed a 7 year old girl? This is institutionalised paedophile worship.So why does the West accomodate this evil death cult,allowing it to build mosques that are shrines to a known paedophile?

The nerve centre of the cult of Islam the mosques should not be allowed to spread like a virulent cancer across the West spreading out its evil message of hate and nihilism,fomenting and giving succor to the muslim psyhopaths who go to fight their jihad war against civilization.

Mohumud was also an epileptic,a frothing at the mouth deluded mental basket case who heard voices and was convinced God was talking to him.A world wide religion has spread up around him,the greatest death cult in human history.Lets all tip toe round it and give our respects to it,lets truckle to its emissaries,tug the forelock to it,give it special protection,appease it,finance it,make special laws to privilege it.Lets not offend it by pointing any of this out,lets just roll over and die.

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