Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lets trust the surveillance state -Not!

Those nasty Russians and Chinese have breached US security data thanks to the wicked Edward Snowden leaking all that information about the secret service.That's what we are being told -by government officials and operatives in the US and echoed by their UK counterparts.Apparently they have cracked the encryption code which tells us that encryption is not a fail safe security we have been led to believe.

Even if it is true that Snowden failitated this in part, which I personally doubt, we have to ask ourselves the following.Are the US and the UK, both advanced welfare states, a staunch defender of civil liberties,individual rights,a bulwark of freedom against a hostile totalitarian world beyond its borders as they seek to present themselves?To ask the question is to appreciate its absurdity.We are less free now than a hundred years ago,our liberty is in danger of being eliminated,the biggest threat we have to contend with is not a bunch of prehistoric savages in the Middle East (which incidentally we have been busily appeasing for half a century with our suicidal altruistic foreign policy) but our own governments hell bent on surveiling us around the clock and stripping us of our last remaining liberties on the installment plan.

In the light of this the fact that hundreds of thousands of government operatives have had their personal data breached is not something to decry but to welcome.The State snoopers are now being snooped upon,the tables have turned.Lets see how they like it.

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