Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pre natal guilt

Patty Smith sang 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine'. She was not with the programme clearly for according to the religionists man inherits original sin and has no choice about it.According to our religious snakeoil salesman alluded to in past posts this is how things are and were we in the same position as Adam we would have made the same mistake and brought mankind down to its present degraded cursed state by so doing.Wither free will? We have none according to Mr Snakey,we are predetermined to fall.

If Mr snakey were told his brother had committed murder but the authorities had decided to throw him in jail instead he would no doubt consider that a grievious injustice and the grievance would only be compounded if when complaining Mr S was told by way of explanation that he should not complain because had he been in his brother's situation he would have done the same thing!

 But that is small beer injustice as we are told that a crime committed thousands of years ago is our crime and our sentence to serve.Monstrous injustice from a capricious psychopathic deity!Were it true of course...A God who has deliberately set people up to fail.Worship that? as the late lamented Frank Cain once asked.

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