Wednesday, June 03, 2015

BBC Boss offers gov an ultimatum

The head of the BBC has warned the government that if it stops throwing people in jail for not paying their TV licence he will be forced to pull the plug on some of the Beebs Tv programmes.The only response from the gov should be go ahead punk,make my day.One thing I can predict with certainty is that the licence review that comes up every decade will result in the BBC maintaining its licence with a few minor adjustments.You don't have to be Nostradamus.If I am wrong it may be the gov decides to finance the Bbc through thru taxation so no one has the opportunity to avoid paying for it and all this talk of not throwing people in jail anymore is just a preparation for that switch over into the tax system.

No gov will challenge the ethos of public service broadcasting,they may rail at the wall to wall liberal content if the gov of the day is Conservative but it will merely huff and puff and continue with the status quo.Trust me on this one folks,it has past form.

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