Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gun grabbing race hustler speaks

With his assiduously studied faux sincerity the racist president lost no time turning a squalid meaningless homicidal act by a sad loser into a political grandstanding opportunity in act act of cynicism beyond which  even he has previously sunk to.

Black on black homicide in the US occurs on a daily industrial scale but does not make the headlines.Only homicide committed by whites on blacks does. I guess black homicides by blacks don't count as there is no political capital to be garnished from them. So black lives are dispensable.This is to be born in mind when one evaluates the hysterical outrage generated in Charleston.

On the guns issue it must be remembered that Charleston is a gun grabbers paradise with stringent gun control laws and thus there was no possibility for the church goers to be armed and protected against a stray loser seeking worldwide attention for his twisted cause.

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