Sunday, April 26, 2015

What will be the repercussions of UK EU withdrawal?

We are given dire warnings by the Euphiles that if Britain leaves the EU it will seriously harm its industry and cripple the economy but one has to take such warnings with a truck load of salt when one bears in mind the politics of those making the claim.They are hardly the defenders of business and love the EU precisely because it is Not business friendly and has imposed social charters and regulations and taxes on it to the point of strangulation.To hear such people express concern about British business should make anyone suspect their motives and treat them with the utmost skepticism.

But there is another clue as to the real motives for the EU philes making such an argument when one follows it to its conclusion where they claim that a UK outside the EU would be cut off from all the trade deals and agreements with the other EU members and it is here that they give the game away because what they are effectively conceding is that the EU is not about free trade at all but is in fact an insular inward looking protectionist bloc bound in by restrictions tarrfiffs bureaucracy laws regulations - which is why they love it so much!

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