Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ideology and the left

The left ascribes virtues to the tories that they do not possess when it accuse them of being ideological.Most tories do not have an ideological bone in their body,they are pragmatists through and through who just lean to the right.The left sensing that people are distrustful of ideology seek to smear the tories in the public mind with this ideological tag when in reality if it belongs round anyones neck it is theirs with their big state agendas.

A biographer of Cameron said recently that when some of his speechwriters tried to inject abstract concepts pertaining to freedom and capitalism into his speeches he crossed them all out so distrustful is he (and I would argue as are all tories) to ideas and ideology.One need look no further as to the real cause of the tories being just neck and neck with Labour in the opinion polls at this late stage in the election campaign.

The lesson is clear.The politician with no ideolgy will always be defeated by the politician with one no matter how bad or immoral it may be.And let us not forget that an anti ideology is an ideology.Its called nihilism.

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