Monday, April 27, 2015

Food banks are good

Food banks are contrary to what we are told, a good development taking charity away from the State and back to the private sphere where it belongs.Instead of the state stealing money from people in taxes and very often giving it to the undeserving so called poor the work is done by churches or other charity outlets and less prone to corruption although we do see abuse of food banks by people who do not really need them.

The left hates food banks because it robs them of their political power base but it is they who have destroyed the whole concept of charity by nationalising it thus subverting it and creating social alienation as people's charitable impulses have been atrophied by state co option.It is the left that has a cynical view of human nature and effectively believes that unless a gun is pointed at the head of people they will not give and be charitable but the whole point about charity is that it has to be voluntary.To impose it by force is to destroy it.

The success of food banks should lead to the only conclusion that all welfare should be privatised and taxation abolished over time so that natural human instincts can come to the fore with the additional benefit that individuals are much better at determining who needs help and who is playing the system than the politicians who more often are motivated by shoring up their power base and being elected to office with all the emoluments and financial advantages that therby accrue.

Politicans indulge in cheap at no cost to themselves pseudo virtue by giving other people's money away and this vicarious philanthropy,charity by proxy is the worst kind of moral corruption as it invests them with God like powers,their appetite for other people's money grows with the feeding and the public is robbed blind as they direct the monies to their electoral client base,effectively attaining power thru pork barrel politics,the very essence of political corruption.

Lets hear it for food banks then as they return power back to the people and away from the corrupt political classes.

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