Sunday, April 26, 2015

Comemorating a dead and disreputable past

Here we go again with yet another moribund celebration of past non glories this time the Anzac defeat in the gallipoli dardanells disaster.What is the matter with this country that it must wallow in its past that was never any good to begin with? Its just too embarrassing.

The more I think about it there is absolutely no grounds for patriotism for the British. Configured by statism from the start to the present it has to manufacture something to remember as an anaesthetic to kill the pain of its nothingess.We have seen the enemy and it is within.Orwell had it bang to rights in his dystopic novel and we have a daily dose of regardant collective wallowing.Bound by self mannacled chains we peer misty eyed to a mythical past where heroes traversed the continents spilling oceans of blood for meaningless causes to empower the state and render their own people slaves.Ruled Britainia,waive the celebrations why don't you.

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