Friday, April 10, 2015

Eric pickles Evil Fat pig

Disgraceful Eric Pickles announced as part of conservative manifesto for the general election the introduction of mandatory 3 days a year leave to do voluntary work for every employee employed in a company with more than 250 workers in a move that one would expect to see more in China or Cuba than in a relatively free democratic country such as the UK..

As it is not April 1st one has to assume that the ridiculous and obscenely fat Pickles was not having a joke and that it is actually a serious proposal in which case he has clearly taken leave of his senses.Even the liberal BBC s Justin Webb sounded incredulous as he quizzed a very defensive and uncomfortable sounding Pickles over this statist imposition.The fat one wriggled, answered defensively, shiftily evasively and resorted to abuse of the interviewee but the one who clearly came across as a prize plonker was Pickles himself for surely the most absurd proposal the conservatives have ever put forward.

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