Saturday, April 11, 2015

The rotten corruption that is Democracy

You can have any colours you want as long as they are blue or red.That is what we are being told by the power elite in Westminster.People are being bought with their own money!They steal it from them in taxes and then use the stolen money to buy their support at the general election so that they can then go on stealing from them afterwards.THIS is the system we want to export around the world??????

An alien from outer space on being enlightened on this system of democracy would think it had landed on a planet inhabited by imbeciles.This is the best we can do?

The silence from what are loosely termed libertarians in this election circus is deafening.The enormity of the insanity of this system can be intimidating but it behoves dissenting voices to be raised or we can say bye bye to whatever is left of our liberty.

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