Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Australia must act

The murder of 2 Australians in Indonesia by its government for drug smuggling should be treated by Australia as an act of war and retaliation should be swift and ruthless.Withdrawing some bureaucrat from an embassy is worse than doing nothing.This is state terrorism and Indonesia needs to feel the full wrath of the Australian state with a military strike.It should have given forewarning to Indonesia that if it murdered two of its citizens it would be regarded as an act of war and retaliation would follow.This it failed to do and its response is woefully inadequate and pusilaminous.

Instead of bleating on about how the smugglers were repentant,going to church and doing voluntary work to reform themselves the Australians should have said no crime was committed,it beleives in decriminalising drug consumption and selling and that it does not accept the barbaric medieval moral religious system of Indonesia and will not tolerate its imposition on its citizens.

It was reported that Australia actually sends welfare Aid to Indonesia.Lets hope that is brought to an immediate end and it starts getting tough with this subhuman country.

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