Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reality check time

If a burglar broke into someone's house brandishing a knife or gun would the homeowner sit him down with a cup of tea and discuss the philosophical and social advantages of non coercion in human affairs? Absurd question maybe but if so how much more absurd it is to think that one can have a similar conversation with the state about its coercive criminal depradations on life and property and to suppose that going from podium to podium lecturing on freedom and capitalism is going to make a wits difference to the power elite with the full might and force of the state behind them and all the vested interests in statism they represent.

By the time a burglar is hoving into view with knoife and gun and the state is plundering and committing wholesale larceny on an industrial scale through its taxation programmes it is way too late to sit down with a nice cup of ta and debate and reason with the parties concerned which is why the objectivists have made zilch progress in reducing the power of the state despite the thousands of debates and lectures they have given to the cause and will no doubt continue to do  ad infinitum.

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