Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Statism we're in

There is a much publicised disillusionment with modern politics in democracies generally but no one appears to have got to the core of the problem or even aprroximated the cause of this profound phenomena.An obstacle to finding the cause I believe lies in the sacred reverence in which democracy is held by its advocates and defenders.To question it is to invite opprobrium down on one's head and to be roundly excoriated . I should say  if anyone dared to attempt such a transgression for so hypnotic a thrall  has democracy cast over even the most astute of commentators no one even dare attempt such act of iconoclasm.

Unless we can break the spell that democracy has cast over people's minds, to cooly examine the  sacred cow we will continue to stumble around in the dark unable to get to the heart of the national frustration with politics.

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