Friday, April 03, 2015

Turkeys,Meet Mr and Mrs Christmas

Just like the Jewish people who paid for their train fare to Auschwitz the British people will be standing in line  to vote for their oppressors in the modern concentration camp called democracy.How entertaining! Lets listen as our tormentors tell us what they have in store for us pathetic munchkins and how they will make our prison cells all bright and sparkly!

Please enslave us,we grovel and fawn before you o great masters of Demagog! We are but pathetic creatures mere supplicants to your will and whim,we truckle before your beneficience,we quaver and tremble in quiescent obesiance,please take everything we have and give us a scrap in return, a mere welfare morsel in recognition of our abject servility. Tax you say? How high we say.

Free us from the narrow pinched confines of reality,make a,b and 1 and 1 3.Liberate us from the tyranny of reality,tell us how much you care,save us from ourselves,pour your copious blessings upon our miserable heads for without you we would not know what day of the week it was,what to think,how to act,what to do.You have politicised and collectivised our very souls and we are grateful for it.We love you Big Brother.

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