Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alternative Manifesto

As an antidote to the slew of statist mixed economy 5 Year Plans of the political party's manifestos I offer the following.

Dissolution of the Monarchy.This will release £7 billion of property that the parasitic royals are sitting on to pay off some of the national debt.

Disestablishment.The Church of England is a whore of socialism,a nationalised religious obscenity and will be privatised.Britain is no longer a religious country and not even its adherent in the Cof E actually believe in the fiction of God and they do not represent or speak for anyone but themselves and their narrow clique of primitivistic clericalists.

Abolition of the minimum wage -the biggest job destroyer of them all and blighter of youthful aspirations and opportunity.

Abolition of inheritance tax.

5 year phasing out of all taxation -the tool of tyranny.

Bonfire of all anti business regulations

Withdrawal from the EU

Abolition of Foreign Aid

Privatisation of the NHS

Legalisation of all drugs

Withdrawal from the UN

Withdrawal from Nato

Abolition of the Barnet Formula

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