Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can a post election capitalist party emerge in the UK?

There is a political vacuum at the heart of British politics that none of the extant parties are addressing being as they are in various degrees statist in constitution.The emergence of the Greens is the most extreme of this tendency going along a continuum with Labour,Liberal,conservatives and then Ukip at the end where it comes to a screeching halt and this is the party that has just endorsed the continuation of the socialist behemoth NHS. 

Here the vacuum begins and nature demands this abhorrence be corrected with a capitalist party that takes an uncompromising position against state coercion in the form of taxation and regulation.Now is not the time to fathom the mystery of why this vacuum exists other than to posit that statism has sucked the energy and creative possibility of any alternative amongst the intellectual academics and left the field barren and open for anyone who so chooses to occupy it with new radical revolutionary ideas of freedom liberty and individual rights in a delimited state.

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