Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Statism we are in

It is quite bizarre to hear the Greens being presented as something radical and new when it is just the rump of the old British communist party reconfigured and the SNP which the BBC is bigging up night and day are cut from the same cloth and are offering up statism on steroids for the witless Scots and any idiots south of the border who seek collectivism with the Splurgeon pint pot Nolan sister.

But the good news is that the SNP may wipe out Labour in Scotland which has been their petty fiefdom for too long and little sympathy for them when it was they who let the Scottish independence genie out the bottle with the setting up of the Scottish assembly  and they are paying the price for that folly.

Where does that leave the small minority of us who say to all parties a plague on your statist house and wish for the minimalist state? Out in the cold and voiceless until a Farage like figure appears and offers a vista of the sunny uplands of liberty,a delimited taxless state, where individual rights are sovereign and cannot be voted away by the mob through the ballot box,that genteel cover for all tyrannies and oppressive majoritarian collectivist states.Perchance to dream the non democratic dream.....Happy non Easter to all.

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