Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Homeopathic mentality

The war on reason takes many forms but the growth of interest in alternative medicine and homeopathy is surely its most virulent.A person does not have to be of a mystical bent to subscribe to this phenomena but it certainly helps.If someone can accomodate the concept of an entity that has created the universe from another dimension then believing in homeopathy which has never been scientifically proven in any objective analytical tests is a walk in the park.

Accompanying an interest in alternative medicine is invariably a distrust of the pharmaceutical industy -'big pharma' as it is pejoratively called which borders on the paranoiac and feeds in to the whole conspiracy theory industry for such it now is and which narrative is, to compress: there is an unholy alliance between big business, government and the drug industry whose objective is to poison people with toxic pills and to divert them from from natural cures,such as herbals and various snake oil confections which now poliferate.

The solution to this problem in so far as it exists is to have a complete separation of medicine and State and people will be free to avail themselves of either conventional medicine or alterantive medicine and no taxes will fund either or the research thus eliminating the claim of such alarmists that the whole research field has been co opted by 'big pharma' and the regulators to boot.Conventional medicine and alternative can then fight it out in the market and no one will be forced to subsidise either one.

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