Thursday, April 30, 2015

Perversion of welfare!

The Liberals say the tories will cut child benefit and working tax credits -and what an Orwellian jumble of confusion is contained in that last absurdity - but it does highlight how the last labour gov deliberately spread the welfare net far and wide to encompass even working people which is a perversion of welfare's original intent namely to give succor to the unemployed.As flawed as that original plan was even the architects of the misbegotten welfare state did not intend for it to suck into dependency those in work.This was a cynical ploy to gain voters by Labour and it has distorted the wage price discovery of the employment  market as has the unemployment benefit system itself.

It is to be hoped that if the tories get back in which I predict they will getting rid of child benefit and the tax credits for working people  will be one of their early objectives.

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