Sunday, April 26, 2015

Austerity,what austerity?

The tory's idea of austerity is the equivalent of Mr Cresote denying himself a wafer thin mint.The chancellor's shiftiness when asked where the future cuts are to come from is telling and it is a puzzle why he cannot see how evasive and shifty he sounds when he persistently ignores questions about it and goes off on one of his characterstic divagations interlarded with vague generalities.But then again it relects the contempt that the political class have for their dumb electorate as they know the latter do not really want to be told the truth about the country's dire economic situation -mankind cannot take much reality as TS Elliot put it.

This sort of complicity between politicians and voters reminds me of the old joke in the Soviet Union when a worker said of his State employer 'they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work'.We know how that one ended and Europe now is  not in much better shape.

In the end such dishonesty does not really pay off however as Ed Milliband is apparently ahead in the polls and is predicted to win and when a politician cannot defeat Gordon Brown or Ed Milliband it is really time for him to go and do something else which is what most people are saying Mr Cameron will do.

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