Thursday, May 25, 2017

National Security Egalitarian Style

Time after time terrorist atrocities are committed by muslims who were 'on the radar' under a system that targets everybody and nobody because profiling is prohibited and re such a system a little old lady with a hearing aid is just as likely a suspect as a known muslim extremist. Egalitarianism dictates that no distinction between the two can be made.The toxi  ideological code of political correctness thus kills and led directly to the Manchester Massacre.

The evil swine and subhuman who committed the atrocity had even ben reported several times as being a potential danger and nothing was done. The national security apparatchiks were too busy monitoring everybody's phone calls no doubt and demanding their surveillance net be thrown over us all.

A suicide bomber is bad enough but a country  busy committing national suicide is the ultimate obscenity.

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