Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blowhard Bill Blusters out

The  disgrace of Bill O Reilly was long overdue. This over rated nonentity was a shallow irritant with no discernible virtues or talent but it now turns out that he was a sad dirty old man as well. There is something particularly despicable about a man abusing his superiority in the workplace to extract sexual favours from his staff and job applicants not to mention the lamentably  incredible low self esteem in the perpetrator it betokens.

Any man who has to target vulnerable  women or those dependent upon him for employment advancement is immoral. It is the equivalent of a man taking advantage of an intoxicated or drugged woman, a physically or mentally disabled woman,a vulnerable child or a teacher with a pupil or someone who needs money in straitened circumstances such as a prostitute. It is an effective admission that the man in question cannot from normal relationships with women on his own level,his equal and has to use coercion with someone he has power over. Sad and good riddance O Reilly.

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