Thursday, May 18, 2017

Criminal Injustice System

Ian Bradey is dead and it cost the taxpayer £10 million over 50 years of incarceration many spent is a hospital as if he was mad rather than bad - and pure evil. Even when he wanted to die they would not allow it and force fed him so the legal system clearly is mad. The death penalty was the only solution for this monster and his assistant Hindley but even when this was abolished idiot religious types like Lord Longford were campaigning for Hindley's release on the grounds that she had found God and was a reformed character. Knowing how evil religious people can be and often are that would be grounds to keep her in jail, which fortunately she was.

To reduce expenses the prison system should be privatised and the inmates put to work to pay their room and board. The prisons are clearly run by criminals with the collusion of the corrupt union controlled guards and whole system should be swept away and run  on market principles at no cost to the taxpayer at all.

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