Saturday, May 13, 2017

Return of the Red Menace

Not since 1945 has there been such an extreme left wing Labour party threatening the very foundations of a free nation with its blood curdling threat to nationalise everything and reduce the UK to the state of present day Venezuela and it is for this reason that I will be voting Conservative,something I never though I would be doing again. When a country is under existential threat one has to take extreme measures,so holding one's nose and voting for Theresa is the only option to avert this potential looming disaster of a Corbyn government.

What is dispiriting is the lack lustre non response of the Conservatives to the Red Manifesto, who seemed more interested in focusing on the shambolic way it was presented and leaked and the incompetence it betokened  rather than  the horrendous illiberal totalitarian content it comprised -this is the truly shocking thing for one expects the state neutered  and regulated broadcasting system to be non committal unlike the free press but for the party that is seeking to remain in office to have nothing to say about this extremist document beyond 'it will take us back to the 1970's' is truly shocking and is wholly consonant with my contention that ideologically Theresa May is a statist through and through with soft socialist tendencies.

Voting tory is merely a way of buying time as they will take us down the statist road at a glacial pace rather than the Corbyn gallup and hopefully a serious defeat for the latter will spell his political doom and  the Labour party itself  will take a very long time to recover from its humiliating defeat,if ever.

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